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Live blogging the house

Oh crap! Water on the floor, and it's not from dropped snow. Must be from the ceiling...

Edited to add:
Jonathon laments that he wants to stick his head up, but it won't fit in the recessed-lighting hole.
Hey! Good thing we have a periscope! It is one of the things I cleared out from my parents' home over Abba's birthday: my kid brother's wooden periscope. Right tool for the job :-)

Edited to add:
Sadly periscope viewing reveals nothing conclusive.

It is damp, not wet, but damp, in one spot up there. But where in the world is the water coming from?

It's the middle of the ceiling of the first floor (of three). We don't think anything drains thru there. Except maybe the laundry room, but...

Edited to add:
Ok current theory is that the rubber drain hose from clothes washer "hopped out" a little from its drain pipe, or splashed back. The hose is a little too short than normal, because the end was trimmed down by our old landlord. This was part of his crazy "all right angles all of the time" long overdue reinstallation of the laundry hookups.

Anyway, from the skim of wet around that area, it's clear that this was the source. Probably just a little splashed back, and most of it stayed within the plastic in-wall enclosure, but some of it crept over the front and traveled thru the wall board.

We have wedged a doorstop to keep the hose firmly in the pipe for now. Maybe tomorrow we'll get a replacement hose, of full length. After the plows do their work, of course.
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Phew -- glad it wasn't worse!