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Just saw Amy Schumer's film, Trainwreck. It was not a great film. My dad quit 1/3 way in and went upstairs. It was not a terrible film either. It took a bit too long of a while to get started, and of course there was "too much passionless sex" (my dad's words). But that's Amy Schumer classic: I will push at your boundaries until you feel uncomfortable, and then push just a little more! In my opinion, she reliably stops while it's still funny. I'm uncomfortable, but it's also funny.

What I wanted to say about the movie, in reflection, is that I'm struck by the realisticness of the main character. Not in the specifics of what she does, but because most of the time she's mediocre, interspersed with moments when she's awful. (And a few, very few moments of awesome.) And in about half of those moments of awful, she feels terrible. But in the others, I don't think she recognizes them as her being awful at all. She doesn't see big enough. So, she can think of herself as on average mediocre-to-good.

The viewer may disdain her, but try to put yourself behind her own self centred eyes, and the overall judgement is so different.

This feels very real to how I experience my life. And I don't think that's unique to me.

She admits to Mr Perfect "i don't understand how you like me this much". I often feel that way. Like, sure, I should be liked... but maybe not *this* much.

Anyway, all the scenes with LeBron James are standout funny. Worth watching even if you ffw thru the rest
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