Sep. 1st, 2015

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I was WFH for a call this morning, then leaving for the office to get to my noontime Japanese class (hosted by the company). Then an email came in, signal-boosting one of the UI developers who was looking for some certain data. And this data has been requested over and over and so the QA team have set up a script to load it using the nightly build. It's become a sore point to me when the devs are unable to find/use that data. I feel individually responsible. So, I wrote up an email reply now, rather than wait the 2 hrs to after my class (including commute time). But, as should surprise no one, this email took me more than the available 15 minutes to write (editing for tone, mostly) and so now I am going to miss my class --- which I enjoy a LOT MORE than reiterating links.

Especially since I have a belated realization that this dev probably needs the data to be in the "bleeding edge" version... on which our regression tests aren't yet running so the data really ISN'T there. Which means I gave up the class for not even the satisfaction of solving a need.

But if that's the case (that it's a version problem), it would be nice if the question asked were "how can I get script X to run on version Z" rather than "does anyone have a script that does FOO?" when we send an automated email every day that concludes with the instructions "To do FOO yourself (and send yourself this email about it) run this command: script X".

I shoulda ignored the email, and gone to talk to him in person in the afternoon. That's a lot easier than trying to guess what's preventing him, and give instructions on how to run the script in these imagined circumstances. (I wrote and then deleted these instructions, which was the other part of why it was a slow email.)

Better time management, why don't I has you, yet?
Oh well, onward.


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