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Last night I went to a very nice post-wedding other-coast reception party.
Invited "Joe & Josephina" over for dinner tomorrow. Good -- I haven't seen enough of them. At the party, "Jª" & I reminisced & laughed and it was wonderful. "Jº" had a "meta-pulse" to practice impulse control :-)

Today was a go-to-the-Harbor-Islands plan. But I couldn't summon any enthusiasm this morning.
So I'm trying to organize the house a bit instead. But it's only going so-so.

Jweiss is leaving on a business trip to a conference (should be arriving at the airport around now). He'll be back on a red-eye Wed/Thursday.
I'm trying to summon the resolution to decide not to miss him. I used to do this all of the time. It was crucial. Feels oddly cruel this time. Indecisive fool.

Should be meeting up with [profile] bluekniggit  and [profile] dzmonster  this evening to see Get Smart. Good!
Except now I realize my bat-mitzvah tutoree has returned from vacation, so I need to figure out to see her. And I don't want to.
I would try to shunt her to Wednesday, but I've also scheduled that one all up. ... Should be able to do it if I leave of having dinner from the beach plans.
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nice day -- not raining. I should take my Sukkah frame down.

And I have a ton of other upkeep stuff to do. Laundry & hemming (which will probably get put off ANOTHER week) and cooking that bread pudding. And now that I have my drill powercord back, maybe even installing those chair-hooks I've been meaning to and the cabinet doors. And maybe while the frame up would be a good time to drill holes for an experimental cup-holder mounting -- but then I won't get it down for ANOTHER week; the sun is already starting to darken.

I went in to Cambridge this morning/noon to meet a girl I'm agreeing to tutor for her bat mitzvah. And then I took my time driving home... Mem Drive was closed (as it is every Sunday) and the line in the turning-right lane was so full as we crossed the Western Ave bridge, that I decided to just cut across Watertown instead and that took me past the Best Buy & Target in the Watertown mall. Which I at the last moment decided would be a good idea to check if I could get a box fan there, since actually Fall is a great time to use those --- I want to take best advantage of the rare lovely days to replace the stuffy indoors air with precious fresh outdoors niceness.
So I went in, and entered the Target door instead of the Best Buy door (which was probably a mistake), and toured around and picked up some things (for kitchens mostly; mine & E Ch's) and all that but there were NO FANS.     They are out of season, said the that employee I asked, so they don't stock them.

Anyway, eh, by the time I left the Target (still buying the other things I'd found) I was feeling really consumerist & icky. --- I'd also kicked around the costume shop by Central Sq, looking at all the cheap (in price & in morals!) rack-costumes, earlier. --- Too icky to try the Best Buy.
Kinda regret it -- I need to remember not to go there [Target].

Ok, gloves on -- maybe some work will make me fell better!


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