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I will be living by myself in the well-proportioned downstairs apartment of the building I previously inhabited. I move in starting immediately, and hope to be settled by mid next week. Birthday party at my place!

I should be looking for moving helpers soon. (But not on the weekend -- I'll be west.)
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Ok, that's it. It's time to find a better living situation. I said 3 month trial, and it's been 7, but I recognize that I'm not going to make this work. I'm not urgently escaping, but I am commencing to look for a new apartment, the sooner available the better.

Housemate & I had another talking-in-circles session, again about having guests over. Coordinating plans & respecting a fixed curfew, I'll do. I though we'd settled this and that it was working agreeably. Apparently not/no longer. Well, I'm not willing to feel like I have to beg permission --- and forgiveness --- each time.

To top it off, she complained that she feels uncomfortable with the unknown people trooping in and out all night. If that were based in fact, I ought to be concerned about respecting that it's her home too ... but in reality I've hardly even had anyone inside the doors in a month or two! (Other than one regularly-repeating evening with a single guest, who she avers is no bother.) True, I was planning to put up an overnight guest twice these two weeks, neither of whom she's ever met, but a) that hadn't taken place yet, and b) they both bailed, so it's pretty moot isn't it?

As long as we were making progress in developing a workable system, I was letting her mishugas slide off my back (as best I could) and trying to avoid being impatient & antagonistic. It seemed to me that she unexpectedly started over from square one today. That, I'm not willing to make myself do again.

So if you have any leads for Boston-area apartments, please let me know. I need to do some calculating and draw up a budget, and think about desiderata.

it's great

Aug. 25th, 2005 01:48 pm
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i'm in jerusalem -- I'm hot and happy and glowing. The trip is almost over. Last night I found HaLamed Hay street, not knowing I would, as I walked back to Livnot with friends. That was a feeling of amazement: I noticed the small blue street sign, and was filled with wonder.
It's a beautiful street. This was not the end of it, though, on which I lived.
Today I made the return, and struck out for the far end. Along the way a round-faced man gave me short-cut directions to get there, so I ended up coming in via the other direction on [Mishmar Ha'am?] street.
I knew it was right, when I saw the traffic island, even before the street.

Everything was JUST as I remember -- everything matched. The Makolet is even still there, although in younger hands. I am so glad. I snapped many photographs, at each special approach.

Just being in Jerusalem fills me with happiness.
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Going to Israel in August. 2 weeks, starting the 14th.
Housewarming party next Saturday (July) -- email for details.

busy times

Jun. 4th, 2003 10:26 pm
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I've started working in the Memory/Vision labs.
It's alright, and sometimes I like it. I wish I knew better what I was supposed to do, or more accurately, how to go about doing it! I want an orientation! Nevertheless, I'm still excited by this.
Tomorrow night, I'll move to the place in Cambridge.
I've bought a T bus-pass, and pledging to use it, even though it will be a 1 hour bus ride to Brandeis. I can also take the 505, I suppose. I have my car, and I might back out of this private pledge, but I'm going to give it a try. Vixy's offered to sell her bike to me, too, and I am considering it. I'm glad I don't live so far away that I have to ship everything all the time.
I am not sure what I am going to do for internet connection in Cambridge. He definitely had internet connection, but it is a dial-up, so I can't use it since he's "taking" it with him. No cable modem bill to take over for 2 months, nope. I'll have to look into finding a dial-up ISP for myself for short-term, or just getting all my stuff done in the lab. Don't know which I'll do yet, but keep that in mind O ye hordes of careful readers, email/IM may no longer be the best way to get my attention.
Nowadays I'm keeping my cell phone turned on, and with me.

EDIT: I have discovered that Volen's magical cell-phone blocking powers are unabated. Don't try to call my cell phone during the day if you need to reach me, because it will NOT go thru.
(Also, it appears that my number will be changing, just now, after I have begun to give it out for real. If I don't call you with the new number and you think I should, email me or something.
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Time is passing so fast. I am looking forward to graduating, and I've enjoyed this week. But every single day has seemed to pass in far less that 24 hours. I haven't even composed the posts I'd like to have, or written/called everyone I'd planned. I've slept extra because I'm trying to get over my sore-throat cold extra fast. I'll blame the shortened days on that!

We've signed that lease for our apartment for next year, and met the downstairs neighbors, too. I've gotten myself a research job over the summer for two professors here. I've had a very entertaining Senior Week whenever I wasn't sleeping. I'd like to write about it, but not tonight.

Tomorrow I graduate.


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