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Public Service Annoucement: I have finally reduced (hopefully eliminated) the death-trap nature of my front room, by installing a nonslip pad under the cotton area rug. Visit in safety!
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So the vacuum-a-fication of my house is complete. Homefully it is now de-allergen-ified enough that Jeraliey-Danielle, jweiss, or other dust-allergic visitors to my house will not get all snuffly.

ALSO, I was so all inspired by getting stuff done, that today I finally installed handles on the cabinets that lacked them. (For some reason, only one set of kitchen drawers had handles. Conversely, a set of cabinet doors lacked them. These are, I hasten to add, totally different-sized handles.) That was awesome.
Then I kept going and added handles to the drawers too. Ideally, I should counter-sink the screwheads, so the drawer-faces can be flush with the drawers, but I lack the tool for that. Need a larger drill bit.

Of course all this added new saw-dust to my freshly de-dust-ified back room. But luckily, I wasn't returning the borrowed vacuum cleaner to [ profile] brass_rat until tonight. :-)

It also came in handy when I decimated a giant box of mostly-paper junk. This box had been accumulating for years, so every few layers revealed a new dust-coating.

cleaning TMI )

Even better, while I was accomplishing this, I got a call back from a Framingham company to set up an interview for Monday.

Oh, yes, and I will be leading services tonight with Adene.
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Bird's Nest Sansevieria
SANSEVIERIA Trifasciata 'Hahnii'
(the plain S. Trifasciata plants are tall "Snake Plants")
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it's snowing! NOT OK!!

comics fyi

Mar. 13th, 2006 09:41 am
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btw, Sluggy's ended that long dragging "Oceans Unmoving" novel and returned to normal story line.

Now, I liked the Oceans Unmovng much *more* than the next guy, but, whew -- about time.
If you're one of those folks who stopped reading during it, it's safe to come back now!
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chairs, chairs, chairs-chairs chairs! (actually only 4, but they are the nice wooden kind I was looking for, and now I can give back your folding chairs, [ profile] navraze and [ profile] enochs_fable)
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I'm going to stop reading Shogun. It stresses me up. This is a good book for during a summer vacation or a week off, when I have open days in a row (and want a story that's not going to putter out). Not a good book for snatching a few pages before bed, or as treats in an early morning, or while eating dinner.

I also bought "Brave New World" + "Brave New World Revisited" at the same used book sale as I got Shogun. I'm going to switch over to reading that.

You are all now informed.
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The situation felt like a haiku. I try to work out the words here.

various attempts )

both edges of the road clear
revealed for the plow

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The proper way for awhyzip to make broccoli:
  • Get broccoli in steamer (rinse it, chop it up into big pieces, get water to boiling, put broccoli on steamer above water, turn down heat, cover)
  • Set timer for 8 minutes and leave the room
  • Go read LJ, or something
  • "beep-beep-beep!" --- check on tasty broccoli and have dinner.

    The wrong way to make broccoli:
    > Chop, boil, cover, etc
    > Stand by counter and wait.
    > Stand over by stove and wait.
    > Circle the kitchen table.
    > Whip off lid! Stab fork into floret! --- it's not ready yet :-(
    > Admonish self that I know it takes broccoli longer than 1:30 to cook.
    > ... Repeat all but the first step 2 more times. Broccoli is still too hard. It's only been 3 minutes. I have bad patience!
    > Now go read LJ, or something.
    > Eat floppy over-done broccoli. :-/

    Exacerbating factors:
    Discovering that the pot of your roomate's you hoped to borrow and cook ziti in at the same time was used for her dinner and is unavailable. (Taking down & opening a cardboard box from the cupboard only occupies so much of an 8-minute lull! Is it cooked yet?)
  • nooooooooo

    Mar. 30th, 2005 12:04 am
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    layout gone center-y! agh! autumn colors GONE!
    I happened to be looking at midnight when this happened -- maybe when i wake up tomorrow it will be like this never was. *squeezes hands in tight hope*

    (but seriously, i dont care as much as all this: don't worry)

    ring ring!

    Mar. 3rd, 2005 02:32 pm
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    Got a call froma telemarketer just now. Both housemate M and & I picked it up simultaneously, I think because I heard a beautiful two-voiced "hello" followed by silence (perhaps we each were waiting for the other to claim the call). Silence drags on, I say "hello?" again and a woman responds. She's looking for housemate J by the mispronounced sounds of it, and calling about a mumbled sweepstakes. "Right to Live"? -- that can't be right, no one would name a sweepstakes that. Whatever. It's sponsored by Visa, MasterCard, etc: some long list of credit card words. I say I'll take a message for J.
    Oh, she swiftly changes targets: "Do you have a credit card so you you might be able to be entered in the contest?", she asks. (Screw that J-lady's entry!)
    "No", I calmly lie.
    She pauses like she's surprised, then gives me the best line of the exchange: "Surely you have some debit card with the handy mastercard logo that is accepted so many places!" Surely I do... surely I do not find this as persuasive as she must have hoped! But I am amazed I tell you, amazed, that she says this line with perfect naturalness and light conviction ... "that is accepted at so many places!" -- hire this actress immediately, despite her mumbling problem! But oh no, she also mumbled her own name so badly that I have no idea what she's called. Pity.
    I can't help but laugh. "No," I stick to my claim, "but I'll tell J about it if you leave a message?" She hangs up with out a goodbye.
    Guess she couldn't stand talking to someone without a handy logo.

    no content

    Feb. 14th, 2005 05:18 pm
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    HI! *waves to the people*
    (the end)


    Feb. 7th, 2005 10:24 pm
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    today I slept! Ahhh, it feels so good not to be tired, once again
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    Followed a link to a story in the San Francisco Chronicle. It had this priceless line: "By itself, the finding does not immediately point to a way to prevent graying hair....Moreover, the researchers said they're more interested in curing cancer." Well I should hope so!
    But the sweet deadpan nature amuses me so -- that the director of the Dana-Farber program in melanoma has to flat-out say "Preventing the greying of hair is not our goal," to a host of interviewing newspeople who are surely already drawing up in their minds lists of sexy grey-haired stars.
    A gem of journalistic spin.

    If you have a subscription (I don't): the findings are reportedly published in Science. May be titled "Three Grey Mice", authors include David Fisher.

    For my part: Ariela is pro white hair, because it makes it easier to color!
    I am also pro preventing cancer.
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    I watched the garbage collectors throw our old chairs into the truck, and a big round part roll-crush them down.

    Yesterday I met with the new Education Director and it was very good. We talked a LONG time (and also I had some delicious food-thing at Grasshopper). I wish I knew what the delicious food-thing was... it came on the side with my "chow-foon pockets".

    I'm reading feed by M.T. Anderson. (And About Face by the guy who designed Visual Basic.)
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    Yesterday at work I made the most exciting happy discovery of my week. Maybe longer. Maybe since the 7th day of the Omer. And this may sound dumb but here it was:
    The DOS Prompt on Win XP Pro will accept unix-type shell commands!

    I am happy enough about that that I don't care if non-geeks don't think it's worth getting excited over. And more to the point, I am happy enough that I don't care if "real geeks" think I should identify it as bash/csh/etc commands. I have ls with all its options, and grep, and man, and more....

    (It might not be all Win XP computers, maybe they installed something special on that one. I can find out today!)
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    Avoid Harvard at the start and end of the academic year. The streets are filled with students and parents, and half of them don't know where they are going. The start of the year is worse, because more parents come, and they NEVER know where they are going.
    Avoid late night routes on the Fourth of July, for the drunks.
    Routes by malls are a bad idea by the end of December, because of Christmas.

    If a bus is running late, and there is another one just behind it, it might skip its last stop. You probably always suspected they do this -- well now I KNOW they do. My bus wanted to cut the last corner, so the bus driver asked me if I wouldn't mind getting off just a bit early. It was a gorgeous day and I did it. Then he turned down a side street, and disappeared.

    Sometimes, when the buses don't open their back doors to let off passengers, it is because the dispatcher has told them not to. I heard a dispatcher ordering all busses that were going to a certain square to only use front doors.
    And I think it said to pull up door to a police officer there. I imagine a wild, hush hush, police operation: suspect fugitive is on the bus. Plainclothes officer scans every face in the crowd. Suspect trickily steps off the back exit and fades away down the road, under the shade of a green tree.
    I don't know if that's what's really happening.

    By the way, I've decided not to go home this weekend. I might change my mind about Saturday, but for sure I am not leaving today. I will hang around this new apartment a bit longer before I drive off for more stuff to put in it!

    bear ...

    May. 29th, 2003 08:15 pm
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    My dad came home from grocery shopping and found a bear on our back driveway, examining the empty bird-feeder. He waved his arm at it until it loped away. I looked out the window just in time to see its brown bear-butt disappear around the barn.
    This is so exciting. Kinda scary, but that's excitement, too.
    This morning, my mom and I had found two of her bird-feeders missing (one we found rolled to the hill) and hypothesized a bear. Quite different thing to see it. I don't think of our city as all that rural, and yet bear-sightings are not all that uncommon in outlying neighborhoods.
    This all happened about 20 minutes ago.
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    Update on my freshie game! (see this entry)

    I saw Jackson the freshmin in upstairs Usdan and initiated the 3 round of my game. In a dangerous turn, the first name that came to mind to call him was "Jack" -- too similar! Recovering quickly, I greeted him as "Jake". UNFORTUNATELY, I recovered too quickly: I called out to him while there was still nearly half of the seating area between us, and I doubt he heard me.

    I must count this round as a draw. Next time, freshmin, next time..


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