awhyzip: (aleph) --- not really a fan of this school of "traffic calming" >:-( grrr -- I get lost. If they all had connecting pedestrian exits, that would be OK. <--- I want them!!! <-- more about Puffin Crossings (source of my quote) separate bike facilities vs integrated roadways

thoughts percolating.

i'm looking for critiques of Monderman's signal-removal theory. the bios suggest that he recognizes limits -- signalless streets need to be complemented by a [presumably] access-controlled high-speed system. I'd like to know more of that.
of course the news articles are all shallow-view: "hey this magic idea is so wacky it just might work!".
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So, one of my ljfriend's posted a link to YouTube
"Pirates of the Caribbean -- Dance Challenge" -- which, like a good little LJ-skimmer, I followed & watched.

It's choreographed & all, and there are some bits that arguably might make one thing of certain parts of the Curse of the Black Pearl movie, but the main thing it made me think about was ARMS.


There are lots of ARMS. Arms sticking out, arms flinging up & down with leaps, even the dorky arms swinging side to side like a barrel while the dancer stomps sideways.

Remember in the Buffy musical episode, when the big-headed minion-demons did their dance behind Dawn? Doofy barrel-arms like that.

Now, the musical episode was certainly a spoof on musicals. It makes sense that the minion-demons were using exaggerated and stereotypical choreography. But then it got me thinking. I reflected back on the several musicals I've seen -- not a one of them had this arm-motion, that I can recall. Generally, they had interesting and engaging dances.

So, where do I learn that this motion := broadway musical dance number?


For contrast, here's a YouTube video I found where I DO like the arms. Except for one small stretch around the 3 minute mark, when they should be winding up/down to a conclusion but seem to be only filling time, the moves were visually interesting, creative, and not repetitious. Novel.

"A million ways to be cruel"
aka "Dancing in the Backyard- OK GO"
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I'm reading excerpts from Hannah Senesh's diary. Reminds me of Anne Frank's diary (unsurprisingly), which I also never really read. I'm thinking that maybe I should decide to read more of them.

about what she writes )

Last night I had a walk in the evening. The night had mild-ed up and I was glad to be out in it. I don't set off on walks as often as would be good for me. I need a reason that requires the destination, so having a distant parking spot was a good thing. I was in smooth motion and carrying no burden, but I couldn't find quiet. Always a new house's noises would rise up out of the background sound as the last point-source's faded down to indistinctness.

I wished to be away -- by Fitzgerald Lake, or somewhere else in the woods. There was some place out in Concord the Jason took us once. This is just not something one can expect Cambridge to provide.

toys R me

Jan. 24th, 2006 01:09 am
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broke the barrier & had successful plans with my old friend matt
those plans included speed scrabble (syzygy) which inspired me to finally go buy my own set. i could play it solitare! visited the going-out-of-business Toys R Us to do so.

I haven't been in a Toys R Us since probably 4th grade? so i'm all out of touch with it, and maybe this was a bad sample, since it was part way thru a going out of business clearance sale, but i was kind of frightened by the set of goods there. specifically how everything but everything in the games section seemed to be a tie-in product to a tv show/character or movie. Narnia Statego, Dora the Explora Candyland, Dora the Explora Uno, James Bond some-trivia-game-I-didn't-recognize, some pop-star DVD-Twister, The Apprentice the game... It was eerie. Also, I think of some of the psychology behind this (specifically the personification of kiddie games, encouraging kid to recognize and react to the packaged game as if it were a friend), and it seems unfair.

Oh and a really scary set of toys: words fail me in my aghastness. it comes in several fast-food chain varieties. if i ever have kids i am never never buying them something this exploitative! if i have to, i will strictly never take them into a toy store.

so, about my Scrabble: They did not have any scrabble (not even a co-branded scrabble) -- which surprised me. But I was able to find a box of "UpWords" instead. And that games works with the way my brain thinks much more congenially than real Scrabble does anyway. Plus, if I'm just mixing the tiles up on a table for speed scrabble, the upwords letters should work just as effectively.

also, went to 80s dance. had much fun. wore shiny shiny green sparkles eyeshadow (borrowed from Laura) that I loved.

tonight first night of Babylon 5 nights

continue to be busy like every day/evening.

rabbi/director tried to schedule my individual meeting with her on a sunday before school and i was all like NO that does not happen. realized i had to give her hour-windows as "possible other times" because i could not just list several days.

i have evidence that the W Med landlady is continuing to contact my references. good news: this means i'm not out of the running for that lovely place yet. now trying to not seem too unavailable for her, while I wait to hear yea or nay from E Arl guy.

not much

Jun. 13th, 2003 07:58 pm
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not much to say. i'm thinking about little things, like how i ran into the woman who serves the Caesar-salad at Usdan at the vegetable store and met her brother, or how i saw a young man get sprayed by a large sheet of water from a passing car and the remarkable way he hopped and twisted trying to avoid it, or the very good smell from the trees i go by. how sad i get when i try to imagine having only 2 weeks total a year for myself.
none of these make interesting stories to tell to anyone else. i can pretend they are illuminating details, but i'm not.
as it is Friday, it marks the completion of my first week in the new apartment. the first "thing" i did there was trying to prepare for Friday night dinner the day after i had moved in. at least this time I know i will have candles!
work is continuing. not much that i want to say about it right now. i still only have internet in the lab, but it feels fine. it's slow internet, too, and i am OHKAY with that. (so to all yall who thought i was an internet addict... ha, see that!)
the above was a joke.
i might go to see Tesseracte's show tonight, but I think not. welcome back to the US Jill-who-has-been-here-about-a-week-already.


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