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Geez --- it's been how many days since I re-established my landline's lapsed voicemail? And I ALREADY have a recorded message for Angel Artolozzer*. It arrived Monday. *head-palm*

(I assume "Artolozzer" is the computer-generated voice attempting to say "Ortolaza".)

New Phone!

Jul. 16th, 2008 10:13 pm
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Got my new phone today.

It was much less painful than I expected, thanks partly to and mostly to an excellent salesman named Scott. He was very informative and easy to work with. I especially liked how comfortably he swapped to paying attention to the other customers as I pored over the phones and read the price-sheets. (Plus he just handed over the price-sheet! SO WONDERFUL!)

I now have a Samsung SCH-U550
Early Thoughts )

If anyone has an old charger they think might work for this phone, could you let me know?

And if anyone would be interested in one or two narrow-plug Motorola chargers, I don't expect to need mine any more.

After buying phone, I biked on to Home Depot and clothes shopping. Yay for owning more shorts!

Then I took a leisurely way back, via lovely paved path along the Mystic River, and back roads in West Medford.

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Hey, so did you know that if you don't log in to your voicemail for, like, over a year... RCN will shut it off for you?

Fixed now.


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