awhyzip: (aleph) --- not really a fan of this school of "traffic calming" >:-( grrr -- I get lost. If they all had connecting pedestrian exits, that would be OK. <--- I want them!!! <-- more about Puffin Crossings (source of my quote) separate bike facilities vs integrated roadways

thoughts percolating.

i'm looking for critiques of Monderman's signal-removal theory. the bios suggest that he recognizes limits -- signalless streets need to be complemented by a [presumably] access-controlled high-speed system. I'd like to know more of that.
of course the news articles are all shallow-view: "hey this magic idea is so wacky it just might work!".
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I've only recently started watching any House, but my love for Buffy goes years back. This parody is such a great melding of the two, that it is funny even if you only watch one of the shows* ).
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The reason I missed shul this morning:
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I found this sitewith a google image-search for that link to "sensitive plant" and I've been reading thru it for a fascinating half hour:

(If you go to the "Galleria", click on the Theater!)


Feb. 28th, 2005 01:43 pm
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I've just discovered ljmaps. It's fun toy, go play.

Interesting to combine what I've been reading as the "locations" meme goes around with what I see on the world map. Several of my friendslisted people have already marked themselves... but clearly a while ago. =)
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It's getting cold in New England. Do you have someone in your bed to keep you warm?

Maybe the problem is your voting habits...



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