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Jan. 24th, 2006 01:09 am
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broke the barrier & had successful plans with my old friend matt
those plans included speed scrabble (syzygy) which inspired me to finally go buy my own set. i could play it solitare! visited the going-out-of-business Toys R Us to do so.

I haven't been in a Toys R Us since probably 4th grade? so i'm all out of touch with it, and maybe this was a bad sample, since it was part way thru a going out of business clearance sale, but i was kind of frightened by the set of goods there. specifically how everything but everything in the games section seemed to be a tie-in product to a tv show/character or movie. Narnia Statego, Dora the Explora Candyland, Dora the Explora Uno, James Bond some-trivia-game-I-didn't-recognize, some pop-star DVD-Twister, The Apprentice the game... It was eerie. Also, I think of some of the psychology behind this (specifically the personification of kiddie games, encouraging kid to recognize and react to the packaged game as if it were a friend), and it seems unfair.

Oh and a really scary set of toys: words fail me in my aghastness. it comes in several fast-food chain varieties. if i ever have kids i am never never buying them something this exploitative! if i have to, i will strictly never take them into a toy store.

so, about my Scrabble: They did not have any scrabble (not even a co-branded scrabble) -- which surprised me. But I was able to find a box of "UpWords" instead. And that games works with the way my brain thinks much more congenially than real Scrabble does anyway. Plus, if I'm just mixing the tiles up on a table for speed scrabble, the upwords letters should work just as effectively.

also, went to 80s dance. had much fun. wore shiny shiny green sparkles eyeshadow (borrowed from Laura) that I loved.

tonight first night of Babylon 5 nights

continue to be busy like every day/evening.

rabbi/director tried to schedule my individual meeting with her on a sunday before school and i was all like NO that does not happen. realized i had to give her hour-windows as "possible other times" because i could not just list several days.

i have evidence that the W Med landlady is continuing to contact my references. good news: this means i'm not out of the running for that lovely place yet. now trying to not seem too unavailable for her, while I wait to hear yea or nay from E Arl guy.
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I'm doing stuff. Don't much feel the need to report it, but I suppose I'll like to look back on history later. And maybe a friend or two will be interested.

I went to Arisia convention last weekend. There were lots of things I didn't do, but despite that I had a good time.

Before that I'd been visiting apartments and stressing about how much I could pay and also how I was going to let my housemate know. This week I am not stressing. Also, I now prefer the downstairs East Arlington apartment to the lovely West Medford place. It's good to have options. Either one would be great, and I believe I have a good chance of at least one working out.

Have been fairly bored at work, lots of waiting for releases. I don't enjoy this. Also it makes me nervous, when I think about it, in terms of job security. Should probably do something proactive about this, but not sure what. Maybe I'll talk to my manager (she's moved a few extra projects to my queue, but they are all quickie 1-day things), maybe I'll call back that recruiter who phoned me in December... add some adrenaline. Coworker D- suggested making my own list of ongoing enrichment projects for my spare time. This is a good idea, but I have none that interest me right now. Have already spent several days on investigating load testing tools, which would be on that list, but I'm sick of that. Maybe I'm not focusing enough. I wish I'd simply been on vacation all month.

If I'd've been on vacation, I would certainly have taken advantage of the astoundingly mild & warm weather we had before & after that 20-degree (9 with wind-chill!) day Sunday. As it is, I went out and had a walk in the park behind the office one afternoon in place of my gym class. I really do like going for walks -- I forget that! I tried to make it a brisk walk, but kept getting distracted by how gorgeous things in the woods with snow are.

Also this week I went to Israeli Dancing per Danielle F's invite. I mostly had to stand by the sidelines because of not knowing the dances, but I think I could get better. I need lots of review & practice of basic footwork fundamentals. (Reminds me of fencing class.) In any case, any evening of listening to new Hebrew music is a good one, in my book.

Other events include first leyning class at the shul (TBS), two apartment visits, and a date. I feel very socially Jewish. I'm even thinking about the upcoming WZO elections, because a) my dad sent me an invite to register and b) my shul (ECh) included in its update an entry about this that made me want to write back a letter. Actually, I did write back: a letter-to-the-editor kind of thing, my first. (The article consisted entirely of a letter from a Reform Movement (ARZA) campaign manager, and I was really turned off by his presumptuous and combative tone. It was a rallying-the-troops sort of letter, absolutely against Klal Ysrael, and not also appropriate for a shul newsletter.)

It's almost time for me to start planning my birthday. Feb 21 will be sooner than I think.

Ok, be well. Bye!
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Tuesday or Wednesday, I came home and did nothing. Ahhh.

Monday out to dinner and learned a new Tibetan restaurant: Martsa’s on Elm. I recommend it. It's in Davis Square... on Elm street.

Forewent Thursday's Mikado in favor of lower-key home-based Buffy watching. Knew I could make Saturday's matinee, so all was well. We ordered pizza with riccota & eggplants. I forget which pizza place -- I think it was the across the road, that made the noteworthy garlic pizza -- only this pizza had soggy too-thin crust (drooping problem) whereas that one was so crisp as to border on painful. So it must not have been there. I want to remember because I learned that I don't like their breaded eggplant. It was strongly spiced with spices I didn't like.

Friday, I had more time at home than usual because of the storm. I used it all up doing the shovelling (as chronicalled in previous post) and one or two minor household chores. I look forward to doing some more. But when?

At work I accidentally ordered more lunch (Japanese) even though I'd intended to just eat left over pizza. Not complaining, though. I had tasty WARM edamame -- picked up by a Minnesotan(?) coworker who wanted to prove to the New Englanders that this little 4-inches-and-hour accumulation is nothing to the mighty Midwestern winter.

That evening, I visited Bnai Or (Jewish Renewal) in Watertown. I'd been there the previous Shabbat for a bat mitzvah, and heard that this week was a Shabbaton with Rabbi Shefa Gold. This enticed me.

I enjoyed the service she led. She spoke alot (which I neither liked nor disliked strongly, but it did make the evening feel like a live concert rather than a prayer meeting). Lots of chanting, which I liked alot. That's actually why I went there -- because there were chants old and new to me included in the bat mitzvah service, and the congregation clearly was used to doing them. I wanted that.

And I got it. There was very little of the traditional prayers; nearly everything was replaced by a Song-of-Songs-based chant analogue. She also led a mingling movement for one chant. That was the only explicit movement activity (other than standing for the Amidah), but people who felt like it did get up and move or dance every so often, including a couple who danced a happy tango to the Lecha Dodi.

Also, Matt Goldfield turned up there unexpectedly (and curly-haired Ilana). Perhaps I should give up trying to invite him to events he'd like, and just rotate thru all of Boston's synagagues :-) This week Emunah of Lexington is showing Israeli movie...

Saturday I slept in from shul (neatly avoiding the question of whether to go to the second half of the shabbaton or whether to Tremont Street). Got over to MIT for the Mikado matinee at 2. Joelll caught me coming in, and prevented me from paying. The ticket seller (name not to be mentioned, but a familiar face) had just blandly asked me my name (to check against reservation list) without batting an eye of recognition or "hi", which was a little disappointing (but whatever), and I was unfolding my ready $12, when Joelll's voice rings out, "Don't let her pay."

I thought he was telling M not to let me in: you know, playin' a game; that's fun, stick out your tongue and keep on anyway.
"...Don't let A pay. She's on light crew." He had secured a comp ticket for me (which I hadn't hoop-jumped to sign up for). Aww. Special fuzzies all around :-)

So, the show itself? It was fun enough. Weighed it throughout against Mira's summer production at Brown. I missed her version's leaping, manic, (and audible) Pooh-Bah. The Kadisha here had amazing eyebrows and facial expressions. I admired the set frequently, and it never failed to please.

Then I stayed around for strike. Got to fly in the scaffold twice, and no ground-crew interminable boredom. (Thank god.) JWeiss even got me taking down hung lights ("instruments"). I hadn't in years. Thank you, JWeiss.

The only negative was failing to communicate with my work-friend Carolina. I was planning to take her to a Chocolate Party, but neither of us made it at all. I didn't have a handle on my schedule vis a vis strike and left too much of the coordinating too late. This is the same failure as last time we had plans for a weekend :-(

That, and I whacked a power-cord into some metal at one point, making an unpleasantly very loud clang, and Joelll to call me Tiger (as in "easy, Tiger"). No harm done though, I think.

Final note: I met Maddy's housemates Deena and Jeewan.

I have to start plotting out time-slots over Christmas Weekend. I'm going home (for Abba's birthday), so I'll be in Northampton.
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GUESS who I found at TBS Simchat Torah!! MATTHEW! YAY!!

in other news:
another weekend in which i didn't clean the bathroom. oops. i did buy paper towels & napkins at last, though

need to get remains of my sukkah cleared up before it *melts* (shmugginah rain rain rain)

last night the CEO of my company was wandering around chatting with those of us still in. and i couldn't think of a thing to say to him, stupid tongue-tied-ness

overall been a good week :-)
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It's been grey and not quite rainy -- but never un-rainy, either -- for about the past week. As Ellen puts it, my life has come with a built-in luxury feature known as "weather-mood-coordination". I like Ellen's way of putting things; seeing drizzle like heated leather seats.

Sunday night )
Monday )
Sunday )
Odds and ends )
Last Thursday )

And once again I fail to not stay up late.


Dec. 31st, 2004 04:48 pm
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Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens yesterday Thurs. Walked alot, had picnic, then tired afternoon. Day before that Wed, dinner at next door (Deb) and tried to see Loebethal? lights. They turned out to be over. Also went shopping in town for second batch of groceries, and op-shop hat, and Andrew's Centerlink stuff in Mt Barker. Did micro-walk before the barbie. Was going to cut hair after shower, but didn't. Today was to be penguins, but those shall be for New Years Day, now. When will we visit the farm? Weather not bad.
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still at home.
i did bike downtown yesterday. everything was deserted. perfect for window-peering. i discovered a new bakery "Hungry Ghost Bread" that has a gorgeous wood-fired oven, and discovered an old book bindery "Silver Maple Bindery" that I never knew was there. we made it thru a little less than half of downtown before my dad insited on returning home for fear of rain. the day was exactly as good as i wished.

today and yesterday i have been noticing the embellishments that buildings have around here. i really really like that. it's one of my favorite things about the Northampton downtown -- yes, there's lots of pretty little stores, but they all have buildings to match. At the top stories of the brick buildings there are always at least a few rows of bricks set in and set out to make a pattern. The yellow-brick building with the FSB ATM in it comes to my mind. Symmetrical sets of fancy lintels are common. Not a single downtown (King St excluded) commercial block is ugly. That's something special. Houses & commercial blocks will have old stained glass transoms above their second-story windows. (I've seen em in houses in various places -- including my own -- and somewhere in the last couple blocks of Main St before Smith.) Past the fork, into Smith territory, I saw a row of swirly spirals dotting a special board between the first and second floor of a white clapboard house by smith. (It's just up the hill from the "Chemistry" building (Stoddard Hall). Might be Alumnae House.) Then there are the nifty houses along Elm street. Even not counting that one with the 2-story tree-house, it seems like if a house doesn't have gingerbreading on its eves and porch, it will have dynamic diamond windows way up high or a round tower, or something else. Mel's renting in one. On the stairs it has a extra-tall stained glass window all of many small squares. Each one is a different color, creating a rainbow gradient from orange to purple. (They also have a shocking front room in some sort of projecting bit. ) O, one of my favorite to look at is the set of three houses where the road (Main/Bridge) makes the sharp turn by Bridge Street School. Another thing I like: four rows of patinaed fleur-de-lis nubbins coming out of the slate roof of one of the expensive-looking houses back on those little quiet streets off Elm, towards the river-path. I think they are to break up snow piles and prevent dangerous masses of ice from forming, melting, sliding, and smashing off the roof onto your head. I find them are totally charming. It's my favorite slate roof in town. I adore slate roofs in general. In my original point, I was saying that even *normal* buildings -- not just the especially stately, or expensive, or recently redone, nor just public-buildings -- have special attractive bits that show some care went into making them. I also love John M Greene, and most of the churches, and the old Hawley school building, and the doorways of the Academy of Music, and of course my darling Lilly Library.

ok, time to go stuff my mushrooms and put them in the oven!
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I'm in New York!
I missed Scribner's show -- just barely. >:-( This teaches me an important lesson: Next time I plan to take the Chinatown bus, buy the tickets on the dang internet the day before. I got to the departure place before the 9:30 bus left, but wasn't allowed to get on one until 11. I arrived NYC at 3pm (for 2:45 show 3 subway stops away), so even the 10 bus would have been enough.
BethAnn and I joined the cast party at some bar after the show, and then had dinner with a bunch of Scribner's Jersey friends. That was great!
I meet Neha (Nehan?) for the first time, and really liked her. So did BethAnn. I also especially enjoyed talking with Gina.
(Neha had the funniest quote of the evening: "He [Dan] has his faults, too! His hair grows too fast.")

Dan sounds happy with this show. I'm hoping to catch the Sunday night performance, if I can work out getting back to work in time.

Anyway, I am I general happy. Very busy (on an Awhyzip scale). I'm still staying too late at work too often, but I'm usually managing to get a decent amount of socialization in. You can help me leave work on time by calling and reserving my evenings!
(I really miss my lost telephone numbers. If I haven't called you in a while, it may be because I lost your number when I had to replace my phone. My cell number's still the same, so call in now :-))

I got myself at promotion at the Hebrew School I work at. I'm excited to start that, but I simultaneously dread the start of school when it will start eating all my weekends again. The first day is not far enough off!

In other news, my house is getting ready for a shake-up, as one of our members moves out for a job he just got. Congratulations to Mike!
(This is in addition to Amy moving in.) Unfortunately, we may have to shuffle our guest room out of existence.

My family reunion was OK, but not as effective as I'd hoped. Andy's wedding, on the other hand, was excellent. I may stick in a backdated entry with more detail.

For now, for me, it is time for bed.
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Tomorrow, I'm meeting with the new Director of Ed for my Hebrew School for the first time. Next weekend, I'll be going to a cousin's wedding and then after that a family reunion (of my other side). I'm eager to go to the reunion, becuse the last one I think we had was many years ago. Soon I will have a new housemate join us!
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I am back at home now, looks like I will be here for most of the month. That is ok, I am making some social plans and also I have one class's work to finish up.
I have learned that unfortunately, I cannot use my livejournal updater tool on my computer when the computer is not actively connected to the internet. Since only one computer in our home is connected (my mother's) this may have the effect of reducing my incentive to post. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say :-)

Rumor has it that we'll be setting up a wireless network in the house soon, which excites me. There are enough computers in this household that when I stop to count them up, it sorta surprises me. On the other hand, my mother has been claiming that she'll get the house networked for over a year and a half so far. I am looking into buying me the relevant network card. I looked on ebay and for people selling wireless network cards, and also cd-burners, which was a bit interesting. I've never even signed up or bought on any eBay thing before, you know. In light of the track record of our home-network rumor, though, I am holding off on possibly actually signing up a profile on eBay until I see the network set up.

On Friday, I packed all the stuff I thought I would need, super-speedily defrosted my fridge, and moved out of the dorm. Had a warm Friday night dinner with my family, then drove back into Boston the next night to sleep over with old friends so that I could make it to Hebrew School (in Cambridge) the next morning. I wished I could avoid all the driving back and forth, but I did it.
On the way back from Boston the second time, I took a back road: Route 2. It's a secondary highway, not exactly a secret "back road," but it was a very nice drive. I especially liked the section just before reaching Leominster, when I could see what I presume was a further portion of the road, tracing along the ridge of one mountain among several. The white points of headlights playing along the spine of the ridge struck me as enchanting. There was another town, much further along westward that I also especially enjoyed, but I forgot its name. There were many nicely christmas-decorated houses there. When I reached home at last (rt 2 is slower than the Pike), I found that our driveway and backyard were still quite covered in crunchy old snow.

Rebecca and I spent the other day downtown, shopping and having lunch and doing some errands, hanging out. This afternoon, my brother and a friend of his rented Episode II and played it, so I watched that with them. I'm getting a growing group of friends to see Bowling for Columbine on Friday, but I still don't quite know who I will see The Two Towers with yet.

That's all for now...


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