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I've been tutoring a girl for her bat mitzvah and we're working on the Psalm 29 for returning the Torah to the ark. It's fun marching tune, with 4 sections, each one set off by a solo line sung by the leader. Personally, I've found it hard to remember which "verse" to pick up with, after each break in the tune. Too many start the same way with "Kol Adonai..."

So, I spent some time today with her looking over the imagery of each "verse" and each "solo line", trying to see if there's a coherent pattern to draw out. I thought I'd share with you what I found, because it's kind of nifty. Translations are my own and approximate.  Ditto transliteration spellings.

That neatly connects each "verse" with it's adjacent "solo" lines. But ALSO, the overall pattern is:
Creation --- Exodus --- Temple
(That's not quite the famous "Creation/Revelation/Redemption" triple, but it's pretty close)

There's another neat pattern too:


Sep. 27th, 2006 07:36 am
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I am traveling to Northampton for Yom Kippur. If anyone else is, too, and would like to possibly share rides, call me. (Or comment if you don't have my number, but calling is better.)
I expect to leave Saturday or Sunday, and to return on Tuesday, probably in the late afternoon.

If you're not leaving Boston and are looking for a place to go for Kol Nidre:
Rabbi Liza Stern of Congregation Eitz Chayim believes that all Jews should get a chance to hear Kol Nidre, and she's backing this up by sponsoring, out of her discretionary fund, tickets for anyone who has no other plan. RSVP or not. Location: The Morse School by Microcenter, at 7pm.
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Recieved a box of honey in the mail today. This reminds me that, whoa -- not only is Rosh HaShana about ONE WEEK AWAY (a fact I have been dutifully tracking), but there is certain amount *stuff* to do to get prepared for it other than deciding which shul I will go to for services.

I am thinking of round raisin challot now.

Maybe all I mean is deciding what I will wear. I already have holiday dinner plans (which both presume I will be in Boston for the holiday, which yeah I know is really what I will decide on).

For those curious -- which is the point of LJ, isn't it? -- the contenders are E Ch and TBS in Cambridge, and UMass (which I tend to prefer for YK, but RH is better timed for travel this year), and of course my hometown shul of CBI which isn't actually a draw enough to bring me across the state but is nice on 2nd day if I were already there.
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A friend pointed this newspiece out. Allow me to join the ranks of heavily skeeved out.

I have no personal experience with the Chaplains recruited by the JCC's Jewish Chaplains Council, but I am concerned that a denominationally-affiliated organization would not bring in chaplains able to well serve the religious/spiritual needs of the spectrum of Jewish service-people. I'd be glad to hear if anyone has insightful comments on this issue.

The skeeved-out-ness comes from the fact that the particular organization is connected with the particular group: Chabad Lubavitchers --- whose attempts to get other Jews to become more-Orthodox cheese me off to no end. Skewing the army towards Chabad is precisely the oppostite sort of situation as I am comfortable with.

(Although, apparently, a uniform regulation requiring clean-shaved faces is currently hindering actual Chabadniks from enrolling as chaplains. - huh? wouldn't men from "other corners of the Orthodox world" be equally affected?)

Not not not happy 'bout this.


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