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This is the ingredient list from a really good airplane cookie I was served on a Delta flight. Someday I should see if I can buy them, or recreate a recipe.

"Gourmet Center BISCOFF"
Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oils (contains one or more soy bean oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, palm oil), soy flour, brown sugar, leavening (sodium bicarbonate), salt, spice (cinnamon).
Product of Belguim
"Phone or Write for Nutritional Information"
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In honor of Jessica's being around (and Pup's liking sushi), we were going to go out to sushi at 6.
Which became Fondue at 6 (of course Jess would prefer the change -- we don't even need to hear back from her voicemail, before telling the others!)
Which became dinner without Jessica, because she was sadly ill. But we'll still go because we still like fondue!
Which became fondue at 7... because Joelll was driving in from western mass.
Which became fondue at 7:30, because Awhyzip's baking wasn't quite done (my oven must run cold?).
Which became apparently EVERYONE likes fondue -- no reservation means no fondue until 9pm!
So it became Italian/Macaroni Grill at 7:30ish.
Which became "what, they're booked out, too?! Where are we, the suburbs... oh."
And so it was that we ate tasty tex-mexy food at Border Cafe at 8.  Bean & corn empanada, yum!  And their "kettle" fries are made out of win, lightly dusted with awesome.
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Spent much time hanging out with Kara and Darlene (and jweiss) in front of the TiVo. For lunch, we ordered Onion-Ring Pizza. Yes, what it sounds like. Yes, I was the one who thought up the idea. It was super good!

Kara placed the order:

Kara: One medium pizza with onion rings.
Pizza: Onions?
Kara: Onion rings.
Pizza: Are you for real?

Despite wondering if we were for real, this place did a masterful job laying out the pie -- concentric circles of perfectly-done rings, the smaller toward the center. Not overloaded, but just right. And the rings had been baked in to the cheese (perfect!).

I encourage you all to try ordering this some time (when you're not worried about grease overload). Pizza Ring's number is (617) 864-1800.
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Here's another one for the "She Has A Strange Idea of what Food Is" file:

  • Pour a layer of frozen peas into nonstick frypan. Heat on medium until just unfrozen.

  • Push the peas together into one mass, still only a single pea deep. Crack an egg over the peas, trying to cover all of them. Spread the egg around if you need to, but try not to scramble it.

  • Lay a small flour tortilla over the egg-pea raft. Press it down a bit, so that the egg catches.

  • Let it cook until the egg is done. The tortilla will be nice and soft, and the peas slightly slightly chewy.

  • Slip the whole thing off the pan. Fold/roll it into a nice thick tube. Eat, possibly with dipping sauce!

    mmm, warm & comforty in the mouth
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    I am baking bread.

    I'll be going to a potluck, and another party-where-it's-appropriate-to-bring-food. (This would be the Hot Foods party, and since I don't really "go for" the spicy, a good capsaicin-absorbing substance would not go amiss.)

    I wanted to do apple bread, because that is yum-tasty and slightly unexpected. In the supermarket I looked at all the types of appple, trying to remember which are the good "baking" ones. For some reason the Granny Smiths looked really good. So I abandoned my images of cinnamon & sugar type apple-cakebread for a taste-vision of a sharper savory yeastbread.

    Granny Smith Apples
    Fresh Lime
    Asagio cheese
    Ghirardelli White Chocolate Chips (optional)
    Fresh Mint... just in case.

    I may have to do several rounds & try variations... oh no :-D

    yay cheese

    Feb. 2nd, 2006 02:11 am
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    Getting There
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    Link: The Cheese Test written by Mrsleep on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test
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    The proper way for awhyzip to make broccoli:
  • Get broccoli in steamer (rinse it, chop it up into big pieces, get water to boiling, put broccoli on steamer above water, turn down heat, cover)
  • Set timer for 8 minutes and leave the room
  • Go read LJ, or something
  • "beep-beep-beep!" --- check on tasty broccoli and have dinner.

    The wrong way to make broccoli:
    > Chop, boil, cover, etc
    > Stand by counter and wait.
    > Stand over by stove and wait.
    > Circle the kitchen table.
    > Whip off lid! Stab fork into floret! --- it's not ready yet :-(
    > Admonish self that I know it takes broccoli longer than 1:30 to cook.
    > ... Repeat all but the first step 2 more times. Broccoli is still too hard. It's only been 3 minutes. I have bad patience!
    > Now go read LJ, or something.
    > Eat floppy over-done broccoli. :-/

    Exacerbating factors:
    Discovering that the pot of your roomate's you hoped to borrow and cook ziti in at the same time was used for her dinner and is unavailable. (Taking down & opening a cardboard box from the cupboard only occupies so much of an 8-minute lull! Is it cooked yet?)
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    Gouda Cheese -- makes me feel slightly nauseated
    melted Gouda Cheese --- delicious!
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    I'm in bed, about to read livejournal then turn in. So even if I called you earlier to chat, please be a doll, my friends, and not call until tomorrow? (I hit a mad streak of everyone being away from their phones at about 8 tonight while I was waiting for a pizza. Mmmm, warm pineapple. Oo, and the place I went to puts whole, thin, lengthwise slices of garlic cloves as their garlic topping. (Unfortunately, I'd forgotten how overly crispy-crunchy they make their crusts... it crimped my savoring style.))
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    I'm visiting home for the weekend and hanging out with my folks. I told them I wanted to try out the new rice pudding parlor that opened in town. I like the idea of a rice pudding parlor muchly, and I liked this place, so I'm going to encourage all of you to go if you can. It's called "Rice n Easy". It's two doors down from the Iron Horse, so it's easy to find.

    Rice n Easy is a lot like an ice-cream parlor, except with not-freezing wares. :-) They have about 21 different flavors of rice pudding that they make. The puddings are essentially the same, texture-wise, they just have different flavors & stuff in them. The flavors cover the sort of interesting range that I expect from a "fancy-flavor" ice-cream place like Cold Stone or Lizzy's: rocky-road, carrot cake, green tea, vanilla, etc. (I got mascarpone and was happily surprised to find that it had juicy cherries in it! Super yum!) There were also two non-dairy flavors.

    The place was nice, too -- set up for hanging out. They have colorful walls and a big bar-table set back from the counter, plus several small tables. The center of the bar table is a row of books for browsing and there was a chess set and a checkers mat, too. (The checkers set was over-sized: made from a woven rug and hand-sized pieces. When we were there, an adorable 4-year-old was practicing stacking the pieces up; first all the reds together and the blacks together, then carefully alternating them. An even more adorable two-year-old was flipping thru the rack of posters for sale. It reached the end of the rack and half climbed in without seeming to mean to. "You're the cutest thing in there, you know," exclaimed a college-type, bidding farewell to the baby as her group left.)

    I don't think that I need to mention that the walls are of course serving double duty as a rotating art gallery. In Northampton even the tax accountants are also art galleries. I also don't think I need to mention that they also sell all-beef hot dogs -- oh, wait, that is odd. But there are also veggie hot-dogs according to their sign, so all is well. ...No, it's still odd. I can't explain it.

    Anyway, you should try them out:
    If you're one of those people who I hear complaining about New Englanders eating ice cream in winter -- get pudding instead -- they'll even serve it hot! If you're waiting in line for the Iron Horse, pop in for some pudding to go! If you, like me, just think rice pudding is great, pilgimage out there and help the place thrive as it deserves to!


    Feb. 16th, 2005 10:14 am
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    Before I forget what they were called: I had this amazingly tasty dinner last night. Mushroom Agnolotti in Brandy Cream Sauce. Place: "Ralph's", on 56th & 9th.

    And I have to tell you about the service there. When we first arrived, they seated us but did not bring menus for many minutes. When at last a waiter came by, he had menus in hand, but instead of handing them out, he grinned and asked if they'd like "the usual". We were delighted. BethAnn and her apartmentmate Katie had been here once before, and each loved the dishes they ordered so much that they were not considering anything else. They had told me so as we chatted awaiting menus, and the witty waiter had picked up on this. Either that or he remembered them from the one previous visit! For the rest of the evening, the waitstaff lived up to this high start.

    I've had "wild mushroom" pastas etc before, and this one was a cut above them. The exotic mushrooms (I've forgotten the exact kind though sadly) for the first time they were worth the hype. Also the sauce was very good. Everything was just great and I may be ordering "the usual" on my next trip, too.


    Jul. 16th, 2004 11:45 am
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    I saw Seven Samurai last night, and liked it. It was a lot longer than I expected, though.

    Got back too late to cook, so I tried getting up early this morning. I still had to call in to work that I'd be late. I probably wouldn't have except that my plan had been to get in early to work today.

    And that is why we now have a second post, because I am still at home now. I probably could have gotten out half an hour earlier, but I needed to admire my spinach stuffed shells for a while... and eat the leftover noodles. I have made a solemn vow not to even glance towards livejournal while at my workplace.

    This weekend to Vermont, for my grandmother's unveiling.

    snack foods

    Apr. 1st, 2003 11:50 pm
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    Some club that is trying to raise money for itself brought Krispe Kreme donuts to campus this Tuesday to sell. I've heard lots of really good things about these donuts, including that they taste so good that someone who's only had other donuts can't imagine. That people line up to buy them. So I bought one. This is all I can say about the experience:
    delicate toroid pastry + a full 1/4 inch of solid sugar glaze over the whole thing = poor taste-decision!

    Jess, who comes from a Krispe Kreme producing state, seemed not to be bothered by the painful amounts of sugar-glaze and insisted that they were delicious. Furthermore, I think she said none of them come unglazed. That is too bad, since the base donut underneath was extraordinarily light, and probably would have been delicious if there had been even a square inch exposed thru the heavy glaze.

    In related topic, I bought about 8 different types of nutrition bar things from the C-store and will be taste-testing them as a way to use up points. So far, I have eaten only the "Meta-RX" bar. It claims to be cookie-dough flavored, and has about 300 calories per bar. I really liked the texture -- perfect for chewing!
    Next up is the carrot-cake flavor of "Cliff Bar." I am excited to try this one, since I like carrot cake a lot. Before I squished the thing flat in my bookbag, it also had an enticing texture.
    UPDATE ---Wow!! It smells really good! And tastes pretty nummy, too. :-) 240 cal.
    [4/08/03] Tried the Chocolate Peppermint Stick "LUNA" bar, and in a genuine "eaten while walking between classes" situation. This is a meal-bar that I would eat again. 180 cal, a buncha vitamins & minerals, not too dry, and it tastes like what it claims to. Must be chewed with a chomping action (my least favorite feature of nutrition-bars); no discrete consumtion possible
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    so that the nice chevre cheese i bought is all frozen, but the ice cream is soupy!? it is chubby hubby and the pretzel-bits are so soft & sweetened that they are like something that i cannot describe.
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    Tonight I got to have dinner with Barak and Amy -- how lovely. The plan was originally just to sautee up some mushrooms, because I had been saying to Amy that I like to make mushrooms with paprika and she was curious to taste how that would come out. What we actually ended up making was a bit more.
    When Barak and I swung by the supermarket to get mushrooms, he decided that a Carvel birthday ice-cream cake was in order. Who says you need a birthday to get one?
    In Amy's room we cooked the mushrooms with paprika, roasted garlic powder, and apple. That's better than it sounds like it might be, I promise. Then we combined them with spinach and couscous for a full dinner. Yum!
    For dessert we broke into a rousing, spontaneous chorus of "happy birthday, dear Someone" and ate the cake.
    You should know that I had been looking forward to this plan since about the second week of school this semester. Part of the fun was getting to say "We have to get together and make mushrooms," or having my friends asking me about my "'shroom plans," and pretending that it could sound like we were up to something illicit -- but really it was wholesome! Ha ha ha! Mis- interpretability is funny...
    I so enjoy cooking and eating food! I would hazard that cooking is more fun than drugs. And of course, in this case there's the further pleasure of an evening with friends.

    On the subject of food, the lack of cooking facilities was the thing I dreaded about returning to Brandeis while I was in Australia. I haven't really got the space in my single to set up a pseudo-kitchen, and of course I have to be on a mealplan. Every on-campus resident is required to buy a full mealplan unless they live in one of the three quads with full kitchens. Sadly, my quad is not one of those, so I have been eating Aramark food again.
    What I have learned is: it really takes so little time to loose all desire to eat. I just consume meals now out of schedule or sometimes hunger.
    It's not such a bad state of affairs, really. I've been chatting it up daily with my foodservice friends in the Boulevard, although I have yet to coalesce a reliable group to eat with for most of the meals. I miss the camaraderie of the B&G kitchens.

    An exciting new development is the "Culinary Arts club" which apparently was formed last year. This brilliant piece of brilliance involves getting the university to purchase nice ingredients and supply materials so that the members can cook once a week in the dining hall kitchens. Brilliant! And they even bring in chefs every so often to teach new recipes. I have signed up and look forward to the first meeting I'll get to go to.


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