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Last night I went to a very nice post-wedding other-coast reception party.
Invited "Joe & Josephina" over for dinner tomorrow. Good -- I haven't seen enough of them. At the party, "Jª" & I reminisced & laughed and it was wonderful. "Jº" had a "meta-pulse" to practice impulse control :-)

Today was a go-to-the-Harbor-Islands plan. But I couldn't summon any enthusiasm this morning.
So I'm trying to organize the house a bit instead. But it's only going so-so.

Jweiss is leaving on a business trip to a conference (should be arriving at the airport around now). He'll be back on a red-eye Wed/Thursday.
I'm trying to summon the resolution to decide not to miss him. I used to do this all of the time. It was crucial. Feels oddly cruel this time. Indecisive fool.

Should be meeting up with [profile] bluekniggit  and [profile] dzmonster  this evening to see Get Smart. Good!
Except now I realize my bat-mitzvah tutoree has returned from vacation, so I need to figure out to see her. And I don't want to.
I would try to shunt her to Wednesday, but I've also scheduled that one all up. ... Should be able to do it if I leave of having dinner from the beach plans.
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Last night Danielle & I held her Boston edition of the story-reading evening. She'll say it was my idea, but this is my LJ, so I say it was HER evening! (I wasn't even going to be there due to a forgotten conflict... which I ended up having to skip because this was too much fun.)

A good bunch of people showed up; not too many for the room, thankfully. And as some left, later in the evening, we added teleconference attendees!

I'd spent the previous few commutes reviewing my issues of Fantasy and Science Fiction, looking for the short stories that had stood out. I choose "The Green Dog" by Mel Gilden (May 1978 issue), a fun story with a nice arc and some "racy" words :-)

We were graced by not one but TWO author-read pieces.

Possibly the best story I heard was a letter from a Customer Service Rep to an unsatisfied customer of the I Can Talk 1900.

I would totally do this again!
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Ethan invited me to the Inauguration Celebration for Deval Patrick. I was so excited :-)
(Then David Friedman went and got hired for the French Embassy's New Years Gala, and so was going to a bigger Ball than I. Hee!)

And I stayed so excited, and tried not to brag, and I dressed up (bought new strappy black shoes, too), and went to the Inaugaration event itself (oaths of office before the Boston Common -- 50 degrees F!).
Deciding to go to the swearing-in was a last minute decision. I had my streaming internet radio all set up to listen in. But then, some time after the stirring Invocation (by R. Pesner) it felt insincere to go to the celebration but relegate the event itself to the virtual. I am one of that "public" that he is trying to include (complaints of others that it is a school day, aside)!
I arrived in time for Deval's speech, and was positively impressed by what I heard.

oh yeah and then --- I went to the Inauguration Ball!
And it was lots of fun :-)

There was much less dancing than I'd expected (although I decided to remedy that myself at the end of the night, me and my vodka+cranberry dance-partner) but more distinct musical acts at a time. It was in the big Convention Center and used lots of different rooms. There were too many different groups performing at once for me to get to them all. The only one I'd really heard of was Yo Yo Ma. (And I did get to the room that he was performing in.) Lots of them were "funk" of some variety, according to the descriptions. I liked all of them that I heard.

The most fun part was people watching. Because performers were in so many rooms, spread across the Center, there was a constant flow of dressed-up attendees back and forth. Everyone seemed happy and made eye-contact.

Ethan knows tons of people now, from having given over like his life to the campaign for months. I met a good number of them, and got to spend time with the bunch of his friends/pod-mates who were renting a block of hotel rooms together.
The hotel was a good idea, and it's about 10/15 minutes away from my Downtown office, so it was sweet to stay there.

My office has better elevators, though :-D


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