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Jan. 24th, 2006 01:09 am
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broke the barrier & had successful plans with my old friend matt
those plans included speed scrabble (syzygy) which inspired me to finally go buy my own set. i could play it solitare! visited the going-out-of-business Toys R Us to do so.

I haven't been in a Toys R Us since probably 4th grade? so i'm all out of touch with it, and maybe this was a bad sample, since it was part way thru a going out of business clearance sale, but i was kind of frightened by the set of goods there. specifically how everything but everything in the games section seemed to be a tie-in product to a tv show/character or movie. Narnia Statego, Dora the Explora Candyland, Dora the Explora Uno, James Bond some-trivia-game-I-didn't-recognize, some pop-star DVD-Twister, The Apprentice the game... It was eerie. Also, I think of some of the psychology behind this (specifically the personification of kiddie games, encouraging kid to recognize and react to the packaged game as if it were a friend), and it seems unfair.

Oh and a really scary set of toys: words fail me in my aghastness. it comes in several fast-food chain varieties. if i ever have kids i am never never buying them something this exploitative! if i have to, i will strictly never take them into a toy store.

so, about my Scrabble: They did not have any scrabble (not even a co-branded scrabble) -- which surprised me. But I was able to find a box of "UpWords" instead. And that games works with the way my brain thinks much more congenially than real Scrabble does anyway. Plus, if I'm just mixing the tiles up on a table for speed scrabble, the upwords letters should work just as effectively.

also, went to 80s dance. had much fun. wore shiny shiny green sparkles eyeshadow (borrowed from Laura) that I loved.

tonight first night of Babylon 5 nights

continue to be busy like every day/evening.

rabbi/director tried to schedule my individual meeting with her on a sunday before school and i was all like NO that does not happen. realized i had to give her hour-windows as "possible other times" because i could not just list several days.

i have evidence that the W Med landlady is continuing to contact my references. good news: this means i'm not out of the running for that lovely place yet. now trying to not seem too unavailable for her, while I wait to hear yea or nay from E Arl guy.
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I'm doing stuff. Don't much feel the need to report it, but I suppose I'll like to look back on history later. And maybe a friend or two will be interested.

I went to Arisia convention last weekend. There were lots of things I didn't do, but despite that I had a good time.

Before that I'd been visiting apartments and stressing about how much I could pay and also how I was going to let my housemate know. This week I am not stressing. Also, I now prefer the downstairs East Arlington apartment to the lovely West Medford place. It's good to have options. Either one would be great, and I believe I have a good chance of at least one working out.

Have been fairly bored at work, lots of waiting for releases. I don't enjoy this. Also it makes me nervous, when I think about it, in terms of job security. Should probably do something proactive about this, but not sure what. Maybe I'll talk to my manager (she's moved a few extra projects to my queue, but they are all quickie 1-day things), maybe I'll call back that recruiter who phoned me in December... add some adrenaline. Coworker D- suggested making my own list of ongoing enrichment projects for my spare time. This is a good idea, but I have none that interest me right now. Have already spent several days on investigating load testing tools, which would be on that list, but I'm sick of that. Maybe I'm not focusing enough. I wish I'd simply been on vacation all month.

If I'd've been on vacation, I would certainly have taken advantage of the astoundingly mild & warm weather we had before & after that 20-degree (9 with wind-chill!) day Sunday. As it is, I went out and had a walk in the park behind the office one afternoon in place of my gym class. I really do like going for walks -- I forget that! I tried to make it a brisk walk, but kept getting distracted by how gorgeous things in the woods with snow are.

Also this week I went to Israeli Dancing per Danielle F's invite. I mostly had to stand by the sidelines because of not knowing the dances, but I think I could get better. I need lots of review & practice of basic footwork fundamentals. (Reminds me of fencing class.) In any case, any evening of listening to new Hebrew music is a good one, in my book.

Other events include first leyning class at the shul (TBS), two apartment visits, and a date. I feel very socially Jewish. I'm even thinking about the upcoming WZO elections, because a) my dad sent me an invite to register and b) my shul (ECh) included in its update an entry about this that made me want to write back a letter. Actually, I did write back: a letter-to-the-editor kind of thing, my first. (The article consisted entirely of a letter from a Reform Movement (ARZA) campaign manager, and I was really turned off by his presumptuous and combative tone. It was a rallying-the-troops sort of letter, absolutely against Klal Ysrael, and not also appropriate for a shul newsletter.)

It's almost time for me to start planning my birthday. Feb 21 will be sooner than I think.

Ok, be well. Bye!
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Passed the new release candidate on after a week of frustrating testing. Just couldn't seems to get my head straight about what I needed to do. Not unrelated to the fact that I'd just torn up my old plan. =) And on top of that, I got in late on several days, which I had not been meaning to do.
On the positive side, the other tester (at partner company) has been bumped from our project. Yes, I said "positive". This is good because now that I *know* she's not working on the project (rather than just *suspecting* that she's giving us minimal time), I no longer have to be concerned about comprehensibilty of my test plan and can tear it up. It was structurally not worth editing. (I saved only the summary page.)

But that's not what I am here to talk about -- I am here to talk about what happened AFTER work on Friday and was nice.

At quarter of 5 we decided it was ready, and my co-worker says "go home!" I'm so used to getting in late, that it hadn't even crossed my mind that getting in at 9ish means the day *ends* earlier. Cool!
Services don't start until 7, so what was I to do with myself? So, I wrapped up the files, gave myself a chance to clean up my desks (this was happy), and swang out of there before 6. I always feel cheery when I leave work, because I'm going off to a no-homework evening, but this was especially nice :-)

I headed first to E. Ch., to park and drop off my contribution to the potluck, then took a walk down to Central Square. Beautiful. I stared at the houses and churches. I rang the bell of a friend (who wasn't in). I stopped by a sidewalk sale and found an amazingly perfect gauzy shawl/overshirt thing they were calling a poncho. I admired the cuteness of my hair in the dressing-room mirror -- humidity has brought our its curl. I returned along the brick sidewalk, and didn't worry about the time. (Unlike hungry friends, services are OK if you join while they are in progress.)

Friday services at E. Ch. were as musical and warm as I remember, and being away for several weeks made it even sweeter to see the now-familiar faces. There was satisfying shmoozing, enough time to be with several sets of community-members.

That evening was the public Cambridge Dance Party. [ profile] doxasticpirate was there, and it sounded like a giant Pinball machine!


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