Jul. 8th, 2006 09:50 pm
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Car is being all over-heat-y again. :-(

Mechanic gave me some goop to try sealing it with from the inside, like fix-a-flat for a radiator.

In other news, there was a yard-sale on the way home from the mechanic's and now I own a TV. It's missing the part that would let me hook the DVD player (or cable, if I cared to order that) to it, though. It's worthwhile despite that, because it has a built-in VCR.

To celebrate, I have doubled my VHS collection. :-)
"Little Shop of Horrors"! Yeah!
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I feel very accomplished and good.
Finally got the inspection sticker for my car, and also I designed an output module for the program which is effective and sleek. I even got some sleep (a good long afternoon nap, which is why I can be up now.)
I'm aware of the dangling modifer up there, but I like how it sounds to have "sleek" be the last word, so I am just going to *think* the proper bracketing very strongly and let that be enough. :-)
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I went home last weekend, and this coming weekend I'll fly to Tampa, FL for a cousin's wedding. The scenery on the way home was lovely, notwithstanding that I went via the turnpike. As I drove, I was thinking about how I could describe it in words. I've spent most of the week immersing myself in the third project for my Cognitive Modelling class. Although I have two partners, I've done most of the programming myself -- not their fault, I just stay up all night and day with it. They, not having as serious a famstration problem as I, can't possibly keep up! I leave no time for anything else, like writing up the description of the road-side landscape, or getting my car re-inspected. Annual inspections can go right into the category of Things that are a Pain about the Car. The places around here that are set up to do state inspection are too hard to locate among all the garages and service stations that can't be bothered, and they close too early, or are too slow at getting to me before I need to depart and return to class.
I'm concerned about the status of my other work. This program is like an addiction...
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This year I volunteered for a big part in my cast's semesterly show. After happily deluding myself that the performance was a while off, it's kicked in that the show is now! This Friday, at midnight. We've been rehearsing 4 times a week for the past several weeks. This week the director wanted to up it to every weekday, but there's a great concert coming to Brandeis so she had to cancel dress rehearsal tonight.

I think the show is going to be pretty good. Some of our cast members are taking things very seriously. And we are even going to have trained Trannies to lead the callbacks and dances. Myself, I have been trying to render a good and accurate version of my part but I just haven't had time to learn it well. (Would you believe those professors -- still giving midterms!) My last parts were so much less blocking-intensive!

Yesterday, Claire and I went in to Harvard Square to shop for costume stuff. That was a balagan. Tuesdays are the only day that I have a long daytime break: from 1:30 to 5. We left at 2, after lunch. It turned out that that was not enough time to drive into the Square, buy stockings, a wig, and a corset/top, and get back. Traffic! I got into such traffic =O. Probably should have known better, but I am used to only driving on Sundays or on the occasional evening. If we hadn't had to also hit some downtown Waltham stops, too, I would have just taken the buses. It's been nice and all to have a car again, but I am not totally convinced that it's worth it.

For example, I had a little crash just after getting back home. I was lost in Chicopee and drove thru a stop sign that I didn't notice. Some guy in a minivan (who did have the right of way) pulled in as I was entering the intersection, and drove right into the front corner of my car. I turned away of course when I saw him advancing at me, but not severely enough. To be honest, I was just thinking the whole time "this guy is NOT really running into me -- I must be imagining it" and I didn't want to overreact. I still get scared when driving by parked cars that I am about to snap their side-view mirrors off by being too close. You would think, real cars don't drive into you at low speeds in wide-open intersections --- it's only fast cars, with slow reaction speeds, or drunks, that are the dangerous ones, after all. Red-light runners, not slow things that already halted at a stop sign. But no. Banged right into me.

Cops were there and they took our stories, including my admission that I hadn't even realized the stop sign was there. I'll never do that again! I mean, if I'm not sure I did something or not, I'll never admit it again. Honest-eyewitness-self, bye bye.

I avoided a ticket, because the officer said he appreciated my honesty, but having my insurance go up because I couldn't dispute anything was way more expensive. I tried at one point calling the other guy up after he decided to press a claim thru the insurance, and he was a real bastard to me. Seemed nice enough at the scene although he yelled at me just a little. But when I called him up and explained that if I could, I'd rather he let me cover the repairs personally than via insurance, this is what he started demanding from me: not just the cost of his repairs which was amazingly high considering that his minivan had only cracked its bumper, but he began to ask if I would cover the rental of this other car so he can drive while his is in the shop. What a prick! What presumption! Unless I would cover both, he was going to put it thru the insurance company. That's bastardly, because I can bet you that his company wasn't about to cover him for a replacement vehicle. So I told him go suck eggs.
Actually, I just told him "No way," managing a moderately polite tone of voice, and then went back to dealing with his insurance agent. The Arbella agent was the nicest person that I dealt with in all of this. I wish my insurance agency (Amica) was as nice to talk to. They are hard-asses who scare me, and I claim that they once threatened to break my kneecaps. That is a slight exaggeration, but it gets the mood across.

There are more for-examples I could give about times when I felt like having a car was too much trouble, but I shall skip them. Despite my occasional misgivings, my car is lovely and very handy.

Rocky costume: I now have my entire basic costume for the show, and it is fairly impressive. I felt well and truly embarrassed to be seen in it, so I wandered around the dorm a bit searching for a full-length mirror. I have invited a handful of friends from home and elsewhere to the show, and it seems like a number will be coming. One friend will be in his own production of Rocky the same weekend and can't make it. I am quite amused by the coincidence. I'm anticipating the show and I think I'll have fun.

I'm also looking forward (with anticipation) to the Dar Williams/Ben Folds concert tonight -- I have a sweetsweet ticket, baby!


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