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Jan. 17th, 2005 03:24 am
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Crud, I seem to have re-set to California time rather than Massachusetts time. No, no, silly internal clock! Don't make me sit you motionless in a gently-shaking box for untimed hours with no time-cues and nothing to do but sleep until they wake you to eat. You wouldn't like that!

Of course, I'm not actually helping: playing Civ II on my laptop is a known recipe for staying up til sunrise without really trying.

Must fall asleep! Work day starting tomorrow!
(ok, but it *is* martin luther king jr public holiday... if i find no one else in, i'll turn around and go back home. but i do want to give day it's timely start, despite the possibility)

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HI! I am in San Francisco!

My airplane took an unscheduled stop in Honolulu because someone in Business Class was having heart-attack-type trouble. Too bad they didn't let us off the plane. I hope the guy's OK.
I'm pretty happy about this actually, not just because it continues the streak that all Ariela's trips to Australia must include Hawaii (giving me hope for next time :-) mm, Hawaii...). Pretty much everyone on the plane, and it was huge plane, missed their connecting flights. So United had to rebook us all, and since they were talking hotel-vouchers, I asked for an overnight stay. I got a simple-yet-charming free room at a Quality Inn, and have a nice noon-time departure tomorrow.
Plus a lunch-voucher for the airport food court, and complimentary breakfast at the hotel. With voucher (max value $8) I obtained maxi-premium lunch: Veggie-Patty footlong @ Subway ;-). Actually, this cost $8.66 --- well-priced, O airline.

There was plenty of time left in the day, and I am not feeling jet-lag tired at all (I chalk that up to my super-sleep powerz), so after settling in to room, I've walked up to town. I'm at the public library now, on Grand St. The hotel staff, who directed me here, were very informative. (There are two Quality Inns; I am in the one on South Airport Bld, South San Francisco.)

I don't have to be back at work until Monday.
I'm feeling pretty happy about all this!

(inserting backdated entries re last days, until my alloted time runs out)
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If you are ever in Sydney, looking for a tasty Japanese restaurant to go to, I can recommend Fujiya on Goulburn St (between George St and Hay St, which is the Chinatown area).
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must fly to sydney today. waaa =( feel like am about to go home =(
on the plus side: damn it's finally really really hot here. am ready to flee that. on other side, is 29 degrees F in Noho.


Jan. 5th, 2005 12:56 pm
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went up to Barossa Valley wine country. found genuine aussie kook, Tom Lucieer the Lego Man. were unable to escape in time to catch the winery tours! great story though. i'll tell ya later.

were able to do a winetasting at Seppelts. i impressed my gentleman companion by knowing all the steps to tasting wine. go me!
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saw the penguins. this is worth a later write-up. next day spend seeing attractions of Adelaide city: another botanical park, and national wine center, and zoo, and restarants on G--- street. Actually, didn't go to zoo, as it closed early. in botanic park, a ranger tried to get me to unsuspectingly eat hot peppers. will write up this story later, is a good grin. catch-phrase "it's your own decision." Adelaide botanic garden has a "Museuem of Economic Botany", so of course I dragged A. thru it. And the "Economic Garden", which in any other park, would have been called an herb garden. silly adelaide, unfortunate e-met boy. Surprised to run into Maia the Israeli physiotheraphy student from shul the night before.

Been gorgeous weather. Today it rained huge hailstones. OK, you could say it hailed hailstones. They were the size of small marbles. Many were perfect spheres. it was very impressive. some where white and some where clear with white centers.

If you want postcards from me, post me your mailing address, especially if you live in Hawaii or Texas. unfortunately, I can't get at gmail from here, and my address book doesn't have the addresses I thought it did. alumni account works.
And if you are not in Hawaii or Texas, but rather Sydney, and will be free Jan 10 evening, come have dinner with me. (not that i expect any hits in the readership of this lj, but hey can't hurt.)
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Progressive Jewish synagogue was nearly all expat Americans. Invited to dinner and we went. I enjoyed very much. Andrew pushed his boundaries to go to someone's house he didn't know and eat with a bunch of people he didn't know, but he was good with it. (And one of the guys I knew from ANU, his family, although not there that week, are forces in the community. GEOGRAPHY!) After that, took tram to Glenelg bay for New Years on the beach. At midnight, after fireworks, had pair of those russian liquor-chocolates, saved from Kiddush. And a kiss, of course.

bOO-yAH, 10pm-ish people -- I'm already in 2005!


Dec. 31st, 2004 04:48 pm
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Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens yesterday Thurs. Walked alot, had picnic, then tired afternoon. Day before that Wed, dinner at next door (Deb) and tried to see Loebethal? lights. They turned out to be over. Also went shopping in town for second batch of groceries, and op-shop hat, and Andrew's Centerlink stuff in Mt Barker. Did micro-walk before the barbie. Was going to cut hair after shower, but didn't. Today was to be penguins, but those shall be for New Years Day, now. When will we visit the farm? Weather not bad.


Dec. 28th, 2004 04:02 pm
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I have arrived in Adelaide yesterday. It's about 3:30pm now and time to go out and do stuff. Grocery shopping! Updates likely to be sparse, as internet is slow. :-) and I will have other stuff to do :-) :-D
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In Less Than 12 hours I will be on a plane to Australia!

I will be there in a matter of days! (Unlike Phinneas Fogg, I remember the international dateline.)
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wow, things move fast in awhyzip-land sometimes! ...yet another reason never to reveal plans to anyone, and yet also a compelling argument *for* revealing plans at certain points

Jill came over to see me.
I told Jill I was failing at finding airplane ticket.
She loves to help and went off to look for me. Looked on Expedia and found perfect ticket. I bought it.
How does she do it? Is amazing -- no such ticket was there when I previously searched same site et al.
Acknowledgement & thanks.

I am now booked to fly out of Boston in afternoon Dec 25, arriving in Sydney 2 days later. Will return Jan 12. Australia visit vacation here I come :-)
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stressing about travel plans that are failing. possible last option to try tomorrow.
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Well, Bush won.
Of course I do think that we must actually count every provisional ballot in Ohio, but I do not believe there is any hidden upset waiting in the wings.
I am sad.

On the positive side:
1. My head did not explode.
2. I can amuse myself with the following thought: I am carrying around my passport with me today. It is for a reason unrelated to the election, but there ain't a more appropriate day for this sort of over-reaction...
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My Australian got a graduate position in the ACT Department of Treasury. His top choice!
Yay, I am proud :-)
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Yesterday, I moved back in. Wanted to call back Andrew, and decided to use cellphone as it was a weekend and my dorm phone was acting obstinate. Probably because it hadn't been plugged in for a month. We'll see how well my 500 weekend minutes cover that sort of long-distance! Andrew says it's going to be wildly expensive, and he's probably right.
Also spoke with my parents, which was good. Their trip sounded even better in description than it had in anticipation. mmmm

Today, got up at 8, went to work. I discovered that my sub last week had been competent and even had left me the notes I'd requested -- for which I am mightily grateful. She actually was there again this week subbing for another class; I chatted with her, and got a good feeling for what had happened.
This week's class went very well, and I was happy. I even managed to get them to like another Hebrew review game. We'd been playing the same game every single week because they loved it so much, which is great and all, but I was starting to get tired of Ultimate BlackBoard TicTacToe...

Staff meeting after class, then I set up our room for the play they'll do Jan 26, drove home and got into bed for my nap by 5:30 after an hour of email-reading and mailbox-cleaning. Here's a moderately funny thing that happened: I was debating calling Mira about dinner Wednesday, but decided I was too tired to invite her yet. Just as I was drifting off, the phone rang, turning out to be Mira inviting me to dinner!
So I got to make happy plans with my friend, then slept until the phone woke me again around 8:30. This time it was my mother, calling for tech support. After that, I got in another hour of half-assed sleep. Sundays make me so tired! I've got plans to go home this weekend.

Things are looking good. I'm feeling decently pleased to go to classes tomorrow.

Also tonight, I finally cleared out the SouthPac card, the 2 Action bus passes (one student, one standard concession rate), the film soc pass, Medibank card, etc from my wallet. I hadn't realized I'd kept them in for so long --- no wonder the thing wasn't closing right! haha
I ate the last "Melting Moments" biscuit/cookie that I'd brought back from Australia. Here's what they taste like: it's a sandwich cookie, with lemon frosting, basically. The cookie parts are like shortbread, but not quite as grainy. The filling is mildly lemony and without the overwhelming sugar flavor that too many frostings have. Giving the last bite a few seconds in the microwave on half power helped a lot.
I would call it a goodbye-to-australiana evening, because I also sorted my Aust coins from the New Zealand ones, and now both kinds are no longer mixed in with my T-tokens where they don't belong.

For so many years I have based a significant part of my self-identity on my life in Jerusalem. Recently, by which I mean over the last month and a half, I've noticed that Australia is starting to fluff out into a somewhat-comparable mythic position in my thoughts. It's a bit unsettling. I am starting to wonder 'what did it all mean?' And what should it all mean to me?

This is reminding me of something I read the other day in a book that was about using guided imagery in education. It said that leading guided imagery sessions without providing a way for the participants to "ground" their experiences is a bad thing. That the participants may even end up feeling angry or frustrated, instead of the positive outcomes desired. The suggestions they gave for 'grounding' were so simple that the warning sounded hoaky. Examples: in pairs or triplets, tell groupmates what you saw. Draw a picture of what you visualized. Or, write it down. That was it. That's a profound pedagogical insight? Well maybe it is... that every activity has its siyuum.
Perhaps getting around to making some scrapbook of my photos would help. Only, I don't know how I want to be framing the stories. I've been putting off doing it until I get my alleged black-page scrapbook, the one that I've been requesting as a birthday present for about a year, but haven't yet managed to find for sale in a store. I'm making an effort this semester to plan in more scheduled personal-time and less unscheduled loafing, so perhaps I will get this done.
When I was getting ready to leave B&G, I passed around a notepad and had most of my friends give me their addresses, but within a week of getting back home, I lost it. The sadder fool I.

To wrap this up on a funnier note:
Following headlines on New York Times's online edition, I found this lovely quote
"Intelligent creative girls want to do larger-scale programs that actually do something. They don't want to look at a logarithm that deals with a math thing and how we're going to apply it."
from "Where the Girls Aren't". The joke of course is that Mr. Schleunes, head of the mathematics department an the all-girls high school -- or more likely, Karen Stabiner, writer for the New York Times -- must have mean "algorithm," but I think it is funny because I am an "intelligent girl" who has indeed been turned off to studying cosci in college and you see I dread logarithms! :-
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Tonight I got to have dinner with Barak and Amy -- how lovely. The plan was originally just to sautee up some mushrooms, because I had been saying to Amy that I like to make mushrooms with paprika and she was curious to taste how that would come out. What we actually ended up making was a bit more.
When Barak and I swung by the supermarket to get mushrooms, he decided that a Carvel birthday ice-cream cake was in order. Who says you need a birthday to get one?
In Amy's room we cooked the mushrooms with paprika, roasted garlic powder, and apple. That's better than it sounds like it might be, I promise. Then we combined them with spinach and couscous for a full dinner. Yum!
For dessert we broke into a rousing, spontaneous chorus of "happy birthday, dear Someone" and ate the cake.
You should know that I had been looking forward to this plan since about the second week of school this semester. Part of the fun was getting to say "We have to get together and make mushrooms," or having my friends asking me about my "'shroom plans," and pretending that it could sound like we were up to something illicit -- but really it was wholesome! Ha ha ha! Mis- interpretability is funny...
I so enjoy cooking and eating food! I would hazard that cooking is more fun than drugs. And of course, in this case there's the further pleasure of an evening with friends.

On the subject of food, the lack of cooking facilities was the thing I dreaded about returning to Brandeis while I was in Australia. I haven't really got the space in my single to set up a pseudo-kitchen, and of course I have to be on a mealplan. Every on-campus resident is required to buy a full mealplan unless they live in one of the three quads with full kitchens. Sadly, my quad is not one of those, so I have been eating Aramark food again.
What I have learned is: it really takes so little time to loose all desire to eat. I just consume meals now out of schedule or sometimes hunger.
It's not such a bad state of affairs, really. I've been chatting it up daily with my foodservice friends in the Boulevard, although I have yet to coalesce a reliable group to eat with for most of the meals. I miss the camaraderie of the B&G kitchens.

An exciting new development is the "Culinary Arts club" which apparently was formed last year. This brilliant piece of brilliance involves getting the university to purchase nice ingredients and supply materials so that the members can cook once a week in the dining hall kitchens. Brilliant! And they even bring in chefs every so often to teach new recipes. I have signed up and look forward to the first meeting I'll get to go to.


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