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Light hang for theater at first, including pick up from Storage with Hobbit.
I managed to get the freight elevator locked shut empty (oops), but with Hobbit's strong hands to pull on the gappy doors, I was also able to fix that.

Light hang (and put in in general) was fun, went smoothly, and was well organized. Also well fed. Shouldn't have been surprised by any of that.

I now actually do want to see the show, and might even be bringing my mom.

Met Nathan, Hatim, Brian, Sarah, Alex, re-met "Duub".

Retrieved bike from Alewife bike cage. Along the way to doing that, had weird interaction with a tall white collegiate looking guy, who responded to me when I muttered "that's probably not the effective way to solve your problem" at a loose trio of college-looking folks (himself included) standing on the street corner while one of their number screamed at their friend to cross back over. Admittedly, this was rude of me. I found the screaming annoying (and since it wasn't *working*, unjustifiable), but I should have either just kept on my way (which would have quickly taken me out of earshot, since the screamer had negligible lung power), or else fully stopped and actually talked to them (to try and help). The tall guy called my muttering bluff, asking me what I would do better. Then, after I replied, he asked me where I went to school, what my highest degree was. This was asked in a politely-challenging manner. Like these educational qualifications are relevant to a question of public comportment and/or human motivation! That felt very strange. Meanwhile, the others had abandoned their deliberately(?)-wandering friend and turned from the corner. Any way, strange. And I would have thought they were all acting drunk, except that it was 6pm!

Brunch with Erica and Ben, plus Joel and Renee, and Justin, and Jonathon and myself. After three failed tries, we ate at Tatte Bakery on 3rd st.

Then, Jonathon went home and I continued on to a second birthday party for Leo. There were wooden Brio-like trains to decorate, which was almost as exciting as seeing the various friends there. Apparently I had pent up crafty-ness.

Stopped at Dorie and Joe's on the way home, then grocery store, then lots of cooking. I'm attempting to make up for not having had any edible foods in the house for like weeks.

Roasted acorn squash; mustard roasted brussel sprouts; double batch Hungarian mushroom soup; vegetable and noodle casserole; roasted pumpkin and chickpea salad.
Plus last night, a bunch of quesadillas and a batch of shakshuka.

Now I just have to remember that I like this stuff, when it's time to pack a lunch.

I'm proud to have made so many edible things.

After all that, assisted Jonathon to replace the bad dimmer, so our kitchen lights can work again.

Also played several rounds of Ticket To Ride on my phone (my ongoing addiction).

Did not do any reading for my Meah Select Muslims-and-Jews class, or my Japanese class, or office book club. Maybe tomorrow night.

Bed time

Date: 2016-11-07 07:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Decorated trains have been deployed on the tracks in the living room. :) Glad you could come, and glad we could fuel your art brain!


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