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Monday, no evening plans. But I stayed way too late in the office, archive-diving a web comic after knocking off for the night.

Today, Tuesday, EC board meeting. Extended overtime for important stuff. Adjourned 10:36. Then I enquired with a member about his strong position. Prez stayed after even that to hear out my concerns. Left 11:15ish.

Tomorrow, back to EC building for the mishnah class that I think I'm taking now.
Also pick up farm share while I'm there. Yay
Should be over by 9, but maybe Jeremy and I will hang out after. Man I've missed that.

Thursday is Japanese class in the early evening. Then, I may have dinner with a friend plans. It's still tentative, though. Timing is tough for her too.
That day at work will be an all day training workshop.

Friday is Friday.

And Saturday I gotta do all the house chores that won't happen Sunday. Because Sunday is Yumentashen day!

Also in there I gotta squeeze the volunteer coordination for EC phone appeal. I was going to host it, but new plan is that I'll try to arrange it as all distributed remote work. Should work. I have plenty of volunteers, good ones. Just don't slip the prep because it seems *too* minimal. Treasurer gave me all the files I need, but there's a little work in divvying it out and following up.

Best part of not having an in person group phoning session is that then I don't have to do presto chango from hamentashen wrap up to starting up an event. Instead, Dorie and I can linger proudly over our output, and perhaps continue new habit of dinner with the kid and husbands after.

(Oh yeah, and that bagel making workshop on Saturday evening-I-presume, that I still don't know what time it's really at. Maybe I won't go, after all.)

In conclusion: Yumentashen with Dorie!


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