Dec. 3rd, 2015 12:38 am
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Woke up at about 7. Got out of bed, after only minimal rolling back to sleep. Did not do morning stretches/gentle workout routine.

Bought milk (and sour cherry juice, as a treat) at the corner store.

Re-read two graphic novels in a series.

Emptied the dishwasher.

Responded to some overdue email correspondence.

Unpacked my suitcase, from thanksgiving trip.

Started a batch of dough, and later a batch of bread, in the bread machine.

Drove to assembly square mall, to get second batch of curtains. This took a long time. About 2 hrs, because the bread dough had finished when I was getting back. Listened to This American Life while shopping. Unexpected bonus shopping find: large lazy susan to serve admirably as stand for the new house plant, a 6 ft Norfolk Island Pine. Also a throw pillow that bridges the brown color of the sofa to the blue-and-white decor colors I'm using nearby.

Yucky gloomy rain on the way back home.

Put together IKEA curtain rod with corner piece. Discovered a way to join the non-Ikea rod with the Ikea piece. This is great because it allowed the finials to match with the other windows that I'd done just before the trip.

Dinner, cozy on the couch with Jonathon, watching an episode of Elementary. We ate defrosted, reheated, homemade Moroccan Stew on polenta. Delicious.

Finished putting up the corner curtain rod and attaching the curtains. The new curtains are floor to ceiling sheers, that curtain off the stairs to the third floor. My hope is that this will help keep my office area, which is on the landing at the foot of those stairs, more warm.

Jonathon lent a hand when I was encountering an unexpected obstacle in the wall and wanted a second opinion. I am happy to report that no-one got electrocuted. He also opened my eyes to the correct way to use a tool I'd owned for years and never quite figured out. Wow! The tool is a flexible bit-extension to a power drill.

The newly installed sheers look quite nice. I am happy with them. Took much longer than I would have guessed, though, to get them up, not even counting the shipping time (which I cleverly managed to get to overlap with or being out of town). Anyway, happy.

Cleaned up the construction zone. Packed up leftovers. Got really tired. Collected dirty dishes to dishwasher. Headed to bed.

I was in bed at midnight, give or take a few minutes. Composing this post has consumed about half an hour more.

Date: 2015-12-03 09:23 pm (UTC)
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Yay for curtains! I'll look forward to seeing them at some point.


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